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A continuous microfiltration system which allows to reduce the concentration of suspended solids present in the water.

The rotating disc system TEKNODISK is a solution for the microfiltration and subsequent reuse of the filtered water for irrigation and industrial purposes.

The disc filter has a simple operating principle, it exploits the action of gravity: the water to be treated passes through the discs, the solids are retained on the filter cloths positioned on the two faces of each single disc and the filtered water comes out. The progressive clogging of the cloths causes the internal water level to increase until the level sensor is activated, which activates the rotation of the discs and the backwash system which, by reusing the filtered water, does not require an external source.

The retained solid material falls, due to the pressure of the washing water, into the central collection channel, from which it is then expelled.

At the end of the washing cycle, the rotation of the discs stops automatically. During normal filtration the machine is static, therefore there is no energy consumption.

This technology, compact and with a simple design, allows for a high filtering surface combined with a low space commitment and has been designed to ensure ease of use and maintenance. Each disk is in fact divided into eight independent sectors which, without having to empty the tank, can be reached and opened, for a quick and simple replacement of the filtering panels.

The high filtration efficiency is guaranteed by the extremely high-performance cloth backwashing system equipped with a tilting system. Filtration is continuous, even during washing operations.

Furthermore, thanks to the presence of a filter and the use of quick-disassembly 1/4 turn nozzles, clogging problems and the consequent maintenance of the nozzles are reduced to a minimum.

TEKNODISK is made entirely in AISI 304L, or in AISI 316L on request. The various models available can include the integrated containment tank, or with a supporting frame designed for installation in a channel or concrete tank.

The filter cover is made up of a series of sliding panels which, without having to be removed, allow easy access even by a single operator.

The filter cloths are made of polyester, or stainless steel on request, and have a passage light that can vary from 10 to 150 microns.

The electric panel, the ultrasonic level probe, the washing pump and everything necessary for the automatic functioning of the machine are standard.



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  • Downstream of secondary sedimentation basins (tertiary treatment)

  • Downstream of industrial chemical-physical treatment

  • Pre-filtration for UV treatments, MBR, sand filters

  • Reuse of water for irrigation purposes

  • Reuse of water for industrial purposes

  • Process water microfiltration

  • Water recirculation from cooling towers / fumes abatement

  • Fish farming

  • Paper mills


  • Compact system, with or without integrated tank

  • Tilting washing system and quick-release nozzles

  • Top cover with sliding doors

  • Plug&play design

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The filter cover is made up of several sliding doors that do not have to be removed and are very easy to open, even by a single operator.

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The cloth backwashing system, which has a tilting system, ensures high filtration efficiency. Filtration is continuous, also during washing operations.

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Due to the pressure of the washing water, the solid screenings drop back into the central collecting duct, from where they are subsequently expelled by gravity.

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Each disk has eight separate sectors, which makes it possible to easily and quickly replace the filter plates.

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