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1) Are you interest in dewatering, thickening or microfiltration products?

2) Is the application for an EXISTING or NEW plant?

3) Origin of Sludge/Water?

4) Type of sludge/water (e.g. municipal, industrial. WAS, MBR, digested, etc)?

5) Capacity of sludge/water to be treated per day (m³/d)?

6) Capacity of sludge/water to be treated per hour (m³/h)?

7) Operation hours/day?

8) Quantity of Dry Solids in the sludge (kg/m³) / Quantity of suspended solids in water (mg/l)

9) Is there any existing holding tank on site? If YES, capacity in m³?

10) Is there a seasonal change in the volume of sludge/water?

11) Is there grease or oil in the sludge/water?

12) Other comments




Address (street,city,zip code)



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